Richard Ayres

Richard has written several books to date (more info to come)

Richard Ayres

Tired Of London Andrews UK.

It is the summer of 2007 and six former friends, five men and one woman are attending a reunion in London organised by one of their number who has a special reason for wishing to see them all again. Some of those present have not seen each other for 40 years. But as they wander from pub to pub in central London, they find they are discomforted and at times feel threatened by the modern metropolitan world.


Letters and Secrets New Generation Publishing

It is England in the Jubilee summer of 2012. Three couples living in different parts of the country await the celebrations with varying degrees of enthusiasm, hostility, or indifference. Derek Bailey, in his 60s, has a secret past, linked to a tragic event that happened 24 years before. If he is ever to come to terms with that event, he needs an answer to a question that has nagged at him all this time, so he starts to write a series of letters to Marcus, a young man whom he has never met.


A Pennine Incident AuthorHouse UK

This is a tense portrayal of a mystery in Martin’s past, and its affect on his life and relationships – chiefly between him and his wife Jennifer, and another couple, Stephen and Jacqui. The main themes explored in this novel are the impact of a single traumatic event on the life of an individual, the fragility of friendship, the effects of aging and changes in personality on relationships, and the impact of class origin and childhood upbringing on later life, all played out in the seeming tranquility of the Yorkshire Dales.