Jeanette Williams

Jeanette 2

Jeanette was a founder member of Renegade back in 2010, joining after winning a local competition. After an long absence, due to moving house, she returned to the group because it really is the best one around for miles.

Most of her work is set in Cumbria, including her first novel, The Parting Stone, completed in 2013. She is currently working on her second book and a short story collection all set with the backdrop of Cumbrian mountains. Jeanette finds great inspiration in the wilderness.

When Jeanette isn’t writing or scampering up mountains, she runs a local walking group. She is a great fan of Alfred Wainwright and finished her own ‘Wainwright’s’ in May 2014.

She is currently looking for an agent/publisher, preferably one who understands her humour.


Rucksack Tales (as by J M Moore)

Stories for lovers of the Lake District – particularly Wainwright fans. Some will make you wistful and yearn for the mountains, sending you into soft slumbers with dreams of crags, corries and deep dark lakes. Others will make you chuckle and long for that cup of tea in the funny little café or remind you of the ice cream you had as you watched the steamers drift by. Quirky, fun and sometimes a little naughty, these short stories with accompanying photographs are set in Cumbria with a bonus selection at the back.



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