About Renegades


Renegade Writers’ Group was set up for like-minded writers — writers who dare to be the best. And all with the aim to write to professional standards, to see our work in print so that others may read our words.

Although based in the Potteries we have regular members coming from Cheadle, Crewe, Shrewsbury and Stafford.

We meet weekly, every Wednesday, in the back room in the Bridge Street Ale House, 31 Bridge Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 2RY, from 7.00 p.m to 9.30 p.m. There is no membership or entry fee — other than buying a drink from the bar.

Members read out their work in progress (not already published work) and then we all chip in, discuss it and make helpful suggestions in order to improve the fiction. We help with all aspects of the writing, highlighting both the strong and weak elements. Not all members are able to read every week due to the healthy group size. On a good day we manage around six readings.

How to join Renegade Writers

New members are more than welcome to join us. All you need to do: simply come along to one of our meetings (7.00 pm on Wednesdays). If you wish please contact us to let us know although that’s not essential. There is no membership fee — as long as we buy drinks from the bar during the evening.

Note the following rule: you must attend four meetings (not necessary consecutive weeks) before you are allowed to read out your work for constructive critiquing. This way we ensure that potential members discover the level of comments we make on each others’ work, to ensure they would be comfortable with such feedback. Also, we do not cover poetry.

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14 Responses to About Renegades

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  2. Oh for a group like yours in north Kent. All we seem to have are lady writers trying to break into the women’s magazine field. Nothing wrong in that, but for those of us who write short stories, radio plays and are toying with trying to write a novel, there is nothing. Good on you.

    • alchemypress says:

      Hi Jane. Thanks for your kind comments. Renegade Writers was set up by two or three of us who were dissatisfied with existing writers’ groups in the area. We found a venue and then contacted all our local writer friends and then promoted it via libraries, etc.
      A venue could be a problem. We decided on a pub because we wanted an evening meeting. We also run it weekly so that there is a greater opportunity for feedback on a regular and frequent basis. We often attract 15 or more members each week, so we must be doing something right.

  3. Please move to North Kent and show us how! Writing is a solitary task and made harder by the lack of support. I am currently in my third year of university studying for a BA in Creative Writing. We formed a Facebook Group to support and help each other. We critique and suggest, and being a wide range of ages, each bring different skills to the table – maybe we should meet face to face in a pub! Seems a good plan to me. Best wishes to Renegades.

    • alchemypress says:

      We’d love to move back down south — maybe one day.

    • jan says:

      Face to face interaction is always more instructive – it creates far more in the way of spontaneous discussion.

      Find yourself a pub that is happy to let you use a function room free of charge for a few hours on a weekday evening – and many will provided you all buy drinks – and go for it!

  4. dragonmis says:

    And don’t be afraid to tell each other the truth. Gently of course, but the only way to learn is from feedback from other writers and believe me all of us are learning all the time.

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