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Just Browsing by Jan Edwards

I have written horror and crime for some years now and I do have a reasonable library of books to fall back on but sometimes those little details need to be checked, and it is so easy to do that online.

It occurred to me this week, however, that the browsing history of the average writer must ring bells somewhere on some watcher-server in some secret place.

It goes as no surprise to those who know me that I own up to being a compulsive researcher, spending hours looking into small details that are a sentence – nay half a sentence.  Now on occasion that could be classed as classic displacement activity  – but then again it never hurts to check.

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My Writing Day

Misha writes about writing…

Misha Herwin


The day begins with meditation, followed by core muscle strengthening exercises. Next, I have a shower, a cup of tea and breakfast, which is usually a bowl of fruit and yoghurt. Mango is our current favourite and since I’m useless at de-stoning a mango, that is Mike’s job. I’m delegated to chopping the banana and scattering the berries.

We have coffee and a chat over breakfast and then I go up to my office, where I check my emails, then write for the rest of the morning. After lunch, I go for a walk, camera and notebook at the ready and come back to edit and jot down ideas for the next day’s writing.

Sounds good? Of course it does. Apart from breakfast most of what I’ve written is how I would ideally like to go about a writing day, rather than how I actually do it.

In real life…

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Dramatis Personae

Keeping track of your characters.

The Penkhull Press


Many novels, particularly the lengthier multi-volumes in the fantasy field, are packed with characters, some major, some minor, others appearing so intermittently that they can be easily forgotten. Many readers will remember a full cast list with no problem; they simply go with the flow and, especially with a well-written story that has an engaging narrative, hardly ever need to check the list of characters, or dramatis personae. Nevertheless, having something that can be referred to when you’re unsure just who is who can be invaluable. Think Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones and you can see what I mean. Or you may be reading mainstream or crime or any other genre: the arguments for the dramatis personae may still apply.

Read more in our Tips and Advice section on how the dramatis personae may help the writer.

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Winter’s 6×6 Reading Cafe

Reading Cafe this winter in Stoke-on-Trent

The Penkhull Press


The winter 6×6 Reading Cafe. Come along for a seasonal literary event.

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How to get published


FRIDAY 30 SEPTEMBER 2016. 3.00 pm-5.00 pm

As part of the Live Age Festival, there is  a panel and Q & A session with local writers and publishers who have first hand experience of the pressures of publication. If you need help navigating the complicated world of book publishers, come and ask the people who know! 


Venue: Mitchell Arts Centre, Broad St, Hanley, Stoke (1st Floor Meeting Room)



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Gladstone Readings – a reminder


Hope as many of you can come on Saturday 8th October.

Remember to book seats — best to do so via phone. It’s free!

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Live Age — this Friday

Live Age

We look forward to seeing you this Friday at 3.00 pm where we’ll be talking about getting published…



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