Mick Walters

Mick Walters 02

“I started my working life as a photographer’s assistant, a fantastic job that gave me the opportunity to visit many exotic locations, such as Kilburn in north London and the A500 D-Road. After the company folder I moved on to less glamorous jobs. While working for a local business I became interested in film making. After a stint as a cameraman, boom operator, producer, director, fourteen short films and a one Arts Council of England-founded community film project later I decided that film making wasn’t for me. It’s a bit like herding teenage cats with a soggy rolled up newspaper.

My passion has always been for stories, from films to books. I love strange and weird tales. After leaving another job I decided to change my life. Unbeknown to me, my wife had also made the same decision – to change my life by running away with a ventriloquist named Colin. Throughout the following wilderness years the only thing that kept me sane was my other passion: graphic design.

Currently I’m half way through writing a book about two time-travelling Victorian mice. I am also editing my first novel, a science fiction romp of sex, drugs and sentient ceramics.

After working as a graphic designer for several different outfits I began to branch out into book cover design. When I’m not designing the latest hot-off-the-press book jacket you can find me on Cannock chase where I like to hunt Big Foot and the odd werewolf – or two…

Disclaimer, all of the above is true except the bit about Colin: he was never a ventriloquist.”

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1 Response to Mick Walters

  1. barrylillie says:

    I think I shall use that line about Colin the ventriloquist some where in Beryl’s story 🙂

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