Sussex Tales

Sussex front cover 001

Sussex Tales by Jan Edwards (Penkhull Press) is a rural romp in the grandest tradition of Darling Buds of May with just a hint of Cold Comfort Farm. My Uncle Silas meets Miss Read.

Ten interlinked tales take you on a meandering trail through the country year; each vignette ending in a recipe for a country wine or other dish plus notes on the folklore and properties

This substantially revised edition builds on the original book with extended retellings of the original anecdotes along with a glossary of old Sussex words and phrases. The original edition of Sussex Tales was the winner of the Winchester Conference ‘Best Slim Volume’ prize and published in a strictly limited edition of 35 copies.

The new revised edition is now available via Amazon for £7.99 (Kindle edition coming soon!)

Renegade member Jan says: “I wrote this book because I wanted to pay homage to those old country men and women, many of whom who could barely read or write but were so wise in the ways of the land. I wanted to keep some of that old Sussex alive.”

Reviewed on Amazon: “Edward’s captures the era superbly while retaining the grittiness of life in the late 50’s early 60’s without having to add spoonfuls of sentimentality; the truth is written in every word and serves so well as a piece of fiction or an example of historical England that you’ll not find in any stuffy reference library.”


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