It Never Was Worthwhile

Two Renegade members are collaborating on a compelling anthology of short stories of the Great War. Malcolm Havard and Jem Shaw have produced something rather special in It Never Was Worthwhile (Penkhull Press) —  it avoids the well-worn path of horror and hopelessness to tread the varied ground of unexpected humour and startling juxtapositions of people.

Initially available in electronic form from AmazonIt Never Was Worthwhile will grow considerably over the coming months, launching in print format in November. Purchasers of the shorter electronic version should set their reading device to auto-update to receive the new content free of charge as it becomes available.

“It was almost inevitable we’d end up working together on this book,” said Malcolm. “Jem and I are both fascinated by the Great War and both of us were writing our own stories of the period. When reading out our latest work at Renegades we were struck by how frequently we found we’d both written on the same subject at the same time, albeit from differing viewpoints.

“Our styles aren’t particularly similar, but we feel that they’re somehow complementary. Most importantly we’re both more interested in the humanities involved than the war itself. What came out, and will continue to develop, is something of a celebration of the human spirit, peppered with occasional glimpses of its less endearing aspects.”


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