House of Shadows

HOS frontl cover new 007

Jo Docherty stood and looked at the wedding ring on the black granite worktop. It would be so easy to leave it there and go. Desperate to have a child of her own, haunted by a girl in a blue dress her only hope of saving her marriage is to go back to the place where it all began.

Brooding over the estate at Weston Ridge, the house at Kingsfield hides a violent history. Built by a slave owner for his beloved wife, it is a place of lost children, where time fractures and two lonely little girls from different centuries cut their fingers and swear to be best friends for ever.

When Jo returns as adult, long buried memories of her childhood begin to surface. As she slips in and out of time, she realizes that she has to face the consequences of her actions and a friendship forged in blood two hundred years ago will force her to make to a heart-breaking choice

House of Shadows is the new novel by Renegade member Misha Herwin and is now available (from Penkhull Press) via Amazon and from the author at selected events. Keep an eye on her blog for news of appearances. (Also available for the Kindle.)

House of Shadows is novel of many levels. There is the supernatural and historical element inter-woven with that of memory and how grief and loss affect what we remember and what we choose, subconsciously to forget. The book also explores Jo’s relationships with her family as she grows up; her marriage to Richard and how she copes with a difficult and disaffected step-daughter. And then there is her friendship with Helene and Cecile, two strong women who will enable her to face up to the legacy of her past.

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