Cre8-tive on the radio by Peter Coleborn

Last night Jan Edwards and I guested on Paul Oldfield’s show on Cre8 Radio – a community radio that broadcasts locally on 87.7 FM and online (we had appeared on the show in 2013 so last night was a return performance – we must have been okay back then). I was there to talk about The Alchemy Press – you can read about Jan’s experiences on her blog. As I said: The Alchemy Press. But the evening’s plans became somewhat altered.

I was programmed to appear at 9.00 pm after Jan had done her stint. But while sitting in the reception area Paul played “For What it’s Worth” by Buffalo Springfield. He then popped out to ask if anyone knew anything about the song. I foolishly said that Neil Young was in the group and that it was written in response to events at the University in Kent, Ohio. I had also forgotten that Stephen Stills was part of the Springfield. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…

Read the rest of this article on Peter Coleborn’s blog.

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